Friday, June 3, 2011


Articles about The Audacity of Hope:

Michael  The Gaza Freedom Flotilla - One year Later and Another Flotilla on the Horizon - Ann Wright
Marin Independent: San Rafael woman prepares to breach Israeli blockage of Gaza
Illinois Public Media News:  Urbana Resident Prepares for Humanitarian Trip to Gaza Strip
Americans Joining Flotilla to Protest Gaza Blockade
Selection of articles about the Freedom Flotilla 2 (and 2 about the Rafah border opening)

May 28
From our Canadian comrades:
Canadian Boat to challenge blockade of Gaza
From our European comrades:
European Coalition rejects UN Chief’s call to stop siege busting flotilla to Gaza
May 29
Egypt Opens Rafah Crossing:  This is What Democracy Looks Like
May 30
Turkish group: Israel won’t dare attack us,7340,L-4076117,00.html
Canada warns against participation in Gaza flotilla
Turkey saves ire for Israel, concerns for Syria
Gaza flotilla “emboldened” by Obama’s Mideast speech
May 31
Israeli Navy trains for second major Gaza flotilla
June 1
Open Border at Gaza Is Not So Open, Palestinians Find
June 2
Secretary General vs Freedom Flotilla 2
Cairo shuts Gaza’s Rafah crossing to free passage at US insistence
[For those of you not familiar with Debka -- it is a rightwing Israeli website that claims affiliation with Israeli intelligence  -- read it with the appropriate skepticism]
June 3
Controversial Gaza flotilla
US Issues Official Statement Against Gaza-bound Flotilla

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