Saturday, June 18, 2011

Trip Preparations

Things you cannot get in Holland:
·         Anti-bacterial ointment (prescription only).*
·         Combination shower gel and shampoo (only available for men)**
Things it is very difficult to get in Holland:
·         Travel mugs
·         No-nonsense wide brim hat
·         Music notebooks
·         Needle and thread
·         Decent shoes
Things it is very easy to get in Holland:
·         Water bottles, the kind that fits on bicycles.  At least 10 models available everywhere 
    from 3-20Euros
Other things it is very easy to get in Holland:
·         Bicycle locks.  At least 50 models available everywhere, from 5-250Euros
More things it is very easy to get in Holland:
·         Rain gear, especially the kind that you need when riding a bicycle.  An full array from 7-

What was that thing about all those snow words the Eskimo have????
      *Had it smuggled from Belgium.  The risks people take for me!
      **I am looking into the side effects of using men's shower gel and shampoo combination for two weeks!

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