Friday, July 1, 2011

The Audacity of Hope has Set Sail!

This afternoon, in full view of some 15 journalists, now counting those on board, we left our shipyard and went to sea.  Just yesterday, Netanyahu thanked the Papandreu government for having been so helpful in stopping the flotilla, having confirmed what we have been increasingly suspecting - not only the sabotage of the Greek/Norwegian/Swedish ship in a Greek port, not only the sabotage of the Irish boat in a Turkish boat, but the endless line of paperwork requests that take days to process and end with additional requests are there by design, and the design comes from Israel.

How sad for the people of Greece to watch their own government allowing Israel to put not only Gaza, but also Athens, under blockade.   How doubly sad, for the people of Greece, while they attempting to assert their right to continue to live in dignity, to that very same government.  

And so, we left.  Even if it comes to naught, even if the Greek Coast Guard stops us a few miles into sea, in the end, we will have made our stand.  In the end, we will have attracted more attention to the denial of freedom in Gaza, and to what the Israeli government is all about. 

As I speak, the Greek Coast Guard is approaching.  We do not know what will happen.  I will be back when possible.


  1. The Greeks should have just sunk your ship

  2. I hope you're safe!!